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Melanie Volkart

Melanie always knew that she wanted to use the body as an art form. Wanting to conform to society she started working as a biology lab assistant in Basel, Switzerland. Through her contact with people she grew to realize that she needed to be more tactile in her creativity and attended the "Maria Schweizer" esthetitian and make-up school in Zürich, Switzerland. To improve her knowledge, she studied make-up and hair styling in "Make-up Designory"'s Multimedia Program in New York.

Melanie’s skills reach from clean, fresh, dewy natural looks to sophisticated polished and creative theatrical make-ups. Her knowledge in color theory and anatomy of the face give her the possibility to incorporate corrective make-up applications in every kind of look.

Next to make-up and hair, Melanie can also be booked for manicure, pedicure as well as facials.

Currently she's working in different cities in Switzerland (Basel, Luzern and Zürich) and is also available for travel.

"I will pull your beauty out and make you a better version of yourself!"

Located at: 
Kügeliloostr. 38
8050 Oerlikon
0041 78 883 88 98